2000 Global Crossing @ The Glen Fantasy Edition

2000 Season Fantasy Edition (2000 Global Crossing @ The Glen @ Watkins Glen International, August 13th, 2000 ) Edit

Car Numbers, Sponsors, Manufacturers, and Drivers Edit

  • 1 Pennzoil Chevrolet (Jimmy Neutron)
  • 2 Miller Lite Ford (Rudy Tabootie)
  • 3 GM Goodwrench Chevrolet (Eddy "The Intimidator" McRich)
  • 4 Kodak Chevrolet (Remy Buxaplenty)
  • 5 Kelloggs Corn Flakes Chevrolet (Imaginary Gary)
  • 6 Valvoline Ford (Professor Finbarr Calamitous)
  • 7 PHILLIPS Nation's Rent Chevrolet (Wanda)
  • 8 Budweiser Chevrolet (Homer Simpson)
  • 9 Kodiak Ford (Mojo Jojo)
  • 10 Aaron's Pontiac (Jimmy from "Ed, Edd n Eddy")
  • 12 Mobil 1 Ford (Snap White)
  • 14 Conseco Pontiac (Nelson Muntz)
  • 16 TV Guide Ford (Buttercup Simpson)
  • 17 DEWALT Power Tools Ford (Evil Jimmy Clone)
  • 18 Interstate Batteries Pontiac (Ed"Lumpy" Monobrow)
  • 19 MOTOROLA Ford (Eduardo)
  • 20 Home Depot Pontiac (Eddward "Double-D" Marion)
  • 21 CITGO Ford (Vicky The Evil Babysitter / filling in for a suspended Princess Morebucks)
  • 22 CATERPILLAR Pontiac (Sandy Cheeks)
  • 24 DUPONT Chevrolet (Timmy Turner)
  • 25 Michael Holigan Chevrolet (Trixie Tang)
  • 26 KMART Ford (Bubble Bass from "Spongebob Squarepants")
  • 28 TEXACO Havoline Ford (Sheldon J. Plankton)
  • 31 LOWE'S Chevrolet (Blooreguard Q. "Bloo" Kazoo)
  • 32 Tide Ford (Blossom Neutron)
  • 33 Oakwood Homes Chevrolet (Mac Kazoo)
  • 36 M&Ms Pontiac (Spongebob Squarepants)
  • 40 Coors Light Chevrolet (Bart Simpson)
  • 42 Bellsouth Chevrolet (Cindy Vortex)
  • 43 STP Pontiac (Misty Ketchum *as a fill-in driver for Bubbles*)
  • 44 Hot Wheels Pontiac (Kevin)
  • 45 Spree/Sprint Chevrolet (Sheen Estevez)
  • 55 Square-D Chevrolet (Stanley S. Squarepants)
  • 60 Power Team Chevrolet (Francis Bull-E)
  • 66 Route 66 KMART Ford (Fuzzy Lumpkins)
  • 71 Real Tree Chevrolet (Cosmo)
  • 75 Redcell Ford (Patrick Star)
  • 77 JASPER Ford (Rolf)
  • 88 Quality Care Ford (Libby Folfax / filling in for Lisa Simpson, still recovering from a vicious crash in Indy the week prior)
  • 93 Amoco Pontiac (Evil Officer Mike Brikowski)
  • 94 McDonald's Ford (Squidward Tentacles)
  • 97 John Deere Ford (Penny Sanchez)
  • 99 EXIDE Batteries Ford (Denzel Crocker)

Notes Edit

  • Curse-words will be censored out by *bleep*s.

Race Winner Edit

  • 42 Bellsouth Chevrolet (Cindy Vortex)

Number Of Laps Edit

  • 90

Number of Cautions Edit

  • 5

Quotes Edit

Quote 1 Edit

  • (wiki-special opens in Timmy's hauler facing the TV with "NASCAR 2Day" displaying on the T.V*
  • Steve Byrnes (on T.V / in unison to Princess Morebucks' head-logo displaying on the upper right side of the screen): We had heard this news on "NASCAR News" that took place this past Tuesday. Princess Morebucks suspended from competition for 2 weeks after deliberately wrecking Lisa Simpson, sending her car literally flying into the Turn #3 catchfence, nearly costing the female Team Fastex driver her life. Morebucks will miss both this race at The Glen, and next week's race in Plainsville (foreshadowing the "2000 Chalkzone 400 Fantasy Edition" wiki). NASCAR Busch Series driver, Vicky The Evil Baby Sitter will take her ride in the #21 CITGO Ford until Morebucks returns in Bristol (foreshadowing the "2000 Sharpie 500 Fantasy Edition" wiki). *in unison, Lisa's face is then shown on the upper right side of the screen* Lisa Simpson is back to the track, but she still must wait another week till she steps back in the car. *in unison, Libby's face shows up on the upper right side of the screen* NASCAR Busch Series driver, Libby Folfax will take her ride in the #88 Quality Care Ford until Lisa Simpson returns next week in Plainsville. *scene cuts to Watkins Glen International during final practice on Saturday in Timmy's pitbox, watching practicing cars go by)
  • Jackie: Bubbles seems to be wobbling a bit. Is she okay?
  • (#2 Rudy Tabootie's car is heard racing by in unison)
  • Timmy (while feeling worried and puzzled inside): Now that you mention it, she was this way too around breakfast. When I spoke to her, she kept facing the others sitting at the table. (Referring to when she acted weird in the morning, and Timmy tried finding out the problem)
  • Jackie: Well, I hope Bubbles is okay to succeed in her first lap here, we need to see.
  • (#45 Sheen Estevez's car is heard racing by in unison)
  • Timmy: I hope she still knows where she's going. If I was seeing things this morning. *scene cuts to Bubbles coming off Turn #10, heading to Turn #11, then cuts to Bubbles' cockpit as a close-up to her face*
  • Bubbles: *squints her eyes as she did in "Bubblevision" and grunts and groans reacting to her blurry eyesight* *scene cuts to the track*
  • Benny Parsons (ESPN): Bubbles seems to be struggling a little in this session, even when she entered the track for the first time today. The fact is that she'd never raced nor tested here before and maybe she needs to adapt more to the road-course--. *in unison Bubbles takes it to Turn #1 too early at high speed and crashes into the Styrofoam barrier in Turn #1*
  • Paul Page (ESPN): *exclaims loudly in horror* BIG CRASH!
  • Benny Parsons (ESPN): *in unison to Paul Page's quotes "BIG CRASH!"* MAN OH MAN! *scene cuts to Timmy and Jackie in Timmy's pitbox*
  • Timmy and Jackie: *exclaim loudly at Bubbles' crash in Turn #1*
  • Timmy (worriedly): *tears up and shakes in fear, pants sadly and panicky* I just hope Bubbles is okay. *hugs Jackie*
  • Jackie (while hugging a sad and scared Timmy): I just hope so too, Timmy. The tow trucks and paramedics are on the way. *scene cuts to the ESPN broadcast booth*
  • Paul Page (ESPN): The red flag is out here in Watkins Glen International during final practice due to Bubbles' scary accident in Turn #1. Tow-trucks and paramedics have arrived at the scene of the crash *scene cuts back to the track* *with sudden realization* but look at this, Bubbles is okay, but as she exits the wrecked racecar, she now is acting kind of weird.
  • Benny Parsons (ESPN): I don't know what's wrong with her, Paul. *scene cuts to Turn #1 at the accident scene with paramedics, tow-trucks, and ambulances*
  • Bubbles: *while walking being held by a paramedic, and while pointing at the stretcher* You made me wreck, Crocker! Don't you tell me "fairies made you do it"!
  • Paramedic holding Bubbles (confused): *while walking with Bubbles holding her* Bubbles, what are you doing? You're confronting a stretcher for no apparent reason.
  • (Timmy runs to the scene)
  • Timmy: BUBBLES! BUBBLES! You alright, hon?!
  • Bubbles: *points at Timmy* And you shouldn't have screwed up my car handling, Imaginary Gary!
  • Timmy (puzzled): Imaginary Gary? (to himself) I think something IS wrong with her. *scene fades inside the Watkins Glen infield care-center*
  • Bubbles: What are you talking about?! I'm FINE! *looks wrong way* There's NOTHING wrong with me! (While facing the wrong way) Don't make me come over there!
  • Timmy: Relax Bubs, Professor's gonna check you out.
  • Professor (calmly): Let's just see your eyes, okay?

Quote 2 Edit

  • Professor: Don't worry, honey. We're just gonna run some tests.
  • Timmy (to himself): Please be ok, Bubbles.
  • Jackie: Do you think Bubbles will be able to race again, dear?
  • Edd: Knowing Professor Utonium and our friends, well-qualified medical experts, no doubt.
  • Ed: Are you with us, Bubbles?!
  • Edd: Ed, please.
  • (Bubbles takes the tests like she did in the Powerpuff Girls episode "Bubblevision")
  • Rudy (worried): *after he and the rest were shot by Bubbles' eye-laser* Ma-han! Bubbles' sight is getting worse!
  • Professor: I just have to go to the research room so that I can try and do something to help Bubbles' poor eyesight. *scene fades into later*
  • (Timmy comes in)
  • Timmy (calmly and sadly): Um, Bubbles. *sad sigh* Professor said that tomorrow, you will have to go for important permanent laser surgery in this very room.
  • Bubbles: *loud gasp* But what about the race?! I can't miss this race! NASCAR will get mad at me and fine me! I NEED TO RACE--!
  • Timmy: Relax, relax, Bubs. Professor and Mr. Fassler had already informed NASCAR about what happened to you that caused the crash (referring to her blurry eyesight), and NASCAR understood. NASCAR had just confirmed that you're not gonna be racing on Sunday. They recruited our friend and NASCAR Busch Series (1 series below the top level) driver, Misty Ketchum to drive your car in this race as a fill-in driver for you.
  • Bubbles: *tears up and whimpers*
  • Timmy: Shhhh...don't cry my pet. It's always scary when we have to go through a medical procedure... *hugs Bubbles to sooth*
  • Bubbles: *still cries in Timmy's arms*
  • Timmy (with Bubbles crying in his arms): But it's always over before we know it. As if there was nothing to be scared of.
  • Bubbles: I wish I could see again. *sniffs sadly* But I have to worry about scary permanent laser surgery! *sobs sadly*
  • Timmy: Awwww.... I understand, Bubsy. Well, I have something special for you to wear for the rest of the day to help you see.
  • Bubbles (with tears in her eyes / sadly) PLEASE don't be those silly glasses I wore once! (In reference to the "Powerpuff Girls" episode "Bubblevision")
  • Timmy (calmly): No.... not that embarrassing device. I got you something better. *puts special contact lenses in her eyes to help her see* (happily) Well, whatta you think, hon? See me now?
  • Bubbles: Oh! These are so much better than those stupid glasses! And I see you PERFECTLY! *hugs and kisses Timmy, and Timmy blushes*
  • Timmy (while blushing bright red): Awww, thanks, Bubsy. I'll see you after Qualifying and Happy Hour (final practice)! *scene fades into Jackie's hauler at breakfast on Sunday*
  • Jackie: Awwww...... I hope poor Bubbles feels better. She was a DREADFUL nervous wreck when she woke up due to today being her permanent laser surgery appointment. She wouldn't even stop crying and shaking. Luckily she wasn't stubborn and Timmy kept calming her down and soothing her.

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Quote 6 Edit

  • ("ESPN Speedworld Theme" plays)
  • Paul Page (ESPN): We are here live from the tricky 11-turn road course best known as Watkins Glen International! "New York's Thunder Road" had always been a nightmare on the NASCAR Winston Cup Series schedule due to it's tricky turns, Styrofoam barriers, and gravel traps. *scene quickly fades into the ESPN Broadcast Booth* Hello everyone, I'm Paul Page along with Benny Parsons, Bob Jenkins has the weekend off. Anyway Benny, what we've seen yesterday in first practice was an unforgettable and horrendous surprise.
  • Benny Parsons (ESPN): You're right, Paul. Exiting the frontstretch yesterday, Bubbles Turner suddenly veered to the right way too soon at high speed and plowed into the Styrofoam barriers. She was okay, but her awkward actions really gotten us puzzled and worried. I-I-I mean finger-pointing and blaming a stretcher, and blaming her own husband for him doing absolutely nothing to her on the racetrack even though Timmy wasn't on the track? That type of behavior had never been seen in NASCAR until yesterday.
  • Paul Page (ESPN): Our thoughts and well-wishes go out to Bubbles and we hope she recovers quickly and gets back in the #43 STP Pontiac. This race, NASCAR Busch Series driver, Misty Ketchum will be temporarily in the #43 STP Pontiac until Bubbles hopefully returns. We all don't know what CAUSED yesterday's crash, but we all know that Bubbles is lucky to walk away from the crash, despite her awkward behavior. A lot of worried fans with their Bubbles' fan-signs and #43 STP gear fill up the stands and infield today as we are set to go in the Global Crossing @ The Glen. Let's go trackside to get today's command!
  • Track P.A Announcer: And now, racefans, it is time to get the Global Crossing @ The Glen underway! Here to give the command please welcome your Grand Marshal.... *long pause and a long silence* *Bubbles (wearing a double eye-patch and laying flat on her back tucked underneath the covers in her hospital bed) *suddenly fades into the track jumbo-trons all around the racetrack*
  • Bubbles (cutely) Hello, NASCAR fans *giggles* *fans immediately scream and cheer loudly*
  • Bubbles :The reason for my silly behavior yesterday during first practice was because I had problems with my eye sight and I couldn't see where I was going. My blurry eye-sight was the problem that caused the scary crash. *in unison, the fans slowly and softly gasp* Luckily, the nice doctor man had to give me laser surgery so my eyes would feel better. Those are all the reasons why I look like this. *fans sadly aww*
  • Bubbles: But don't you worry, my kind and adoring fans! When I'm feeling better, I promise great victory not just for me, but for you all to remember when me, my Timmy Bear, and Team Fastex goes down in history, and after today's laser surgery, I will see the track... better than ever! *fans cheer loudly mixing in with awws*
  • Bubbles (in unison to the fans cheering and awwing): *giggles* I love all you cute racefans* Such cute racefans. *short pause* (cutely) You ready to go racing? *crowd screams and cheers loudly* Okay. *giggles* Here we go. Gentlemen and Timmykins, for the love of the cute racefans, start your engines. *giggles* *crowd screams and cheers loudly*
  • engines start and rev loudly* *scene cuts to Edd's cockpit*
  • Edd (cutely with tears in his eyes): *starts his engine* I'm determined to win this race for YOU, Bubbles!!!! *scene cuts to Edd's cockpit*
  • Penny (cutely with tears in her eyes): *starts her engine* You can count on me to leave the villainous doers in my dust!!!! *scene cuts to Ed's cockpit*
  • Ed: Poor little sick Bubbles just made my eyes feel like pools!
  • Eddy (voice only): Ed, first of all Bubbles ain't sick, she's HURT, Lummox! And second of all, start your engine, you idiot! The stupid crybaby-puff gave that famous command you hear before every race!
  • Ed: Oh, sorry, Eddy! *laughs and starts his engine* *scene cuts to Cindy's cockpit*
  • Cindy: That poor, cute little blonde Powerpuff. I'm winning this for Bubbles and smart blondes everywhere! Blondes aren't dumb!!!! *revs her engine loudly* *scene cuts to Sandy's cockpit*
  • Sandy (while revving her engine): And I'm sure Bubbles' would love to hear your words of praise, Cindy! YEE-HAW!!!! *scene cuts to Calamitous's cockpit*
  • Calamitous: *revs his engine* UGH! Listen to all the praise the little powerpuff is umm... umm...
  • Bubble Bass: Getting, I believe the word is.
  • Calamitous: Oh yeah, that's right. *scene cuts to Cindy's cockpit*
  • Cindy: Hey, leave my BEST FRIEND alone (referring to Bubbles)! First of all Bubbles' vision condition is severely serious and second, when I tell Bubbles what you said when we go home tonight, she will DEMOLISH you in Plainsville next Sunday! (foreshadowing the "Chalkzone 500 Fantasy Edition" wiki) *revs her engine twice* *scene cuts to Bubble Bass*
  • Bubble Bass (while revving his engine): I'd like to see that powerpuff try! I might just burst HER bubble! *snobbish laugh* *scene cuts to Cindy's cockpit*
  • Cindy: *tears up and sadly pants softly while shaking* *scene cuts to Rudy's cockpit*
  • Rudy (while revving his engine): Ah, don't listen to that Trouble a--*bleep*-- Bass, Cindy. Just be happy that Bubbles counting on you to win today's race at the Glen. *scene cuts to the ESPN Broadcast Booth*
  • Paul Page (ESPN): The 43 engines have fired, after possibly one of cutest and greatest 4 most famous words in Motorsports ever heard in NASCAR history. The drivers are ready, the fans are ready, and WE'RE ready to get the Global Crossing @ The Glen underway! The green flag flies next on ESPN! *scene cuts to the Watkins Glen International infield care-center where Bubbles (wearing a double eye-patch) was in her hospital bed listening to the race on MRN Radio*
  • Bubbles (sadly but hopefully): Thank you my friends and fans for all the support and praise!!!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!

Quote 7 Edit

  • Paul Page (ESPN): Glad you're with us on ESPN as we're about set to go in the Global Crossing @ The Glen! Brett Bodine pulls the safety-truck into pit-road... *crowd screams and cheers loudly in unison to the safety-truck pulling into the pits*... and we're ready for the start! *cars accelerate to take the green flag waved by Ray Romano, in unison to the ballistic cheering crowd* GREEN FLAG IS OUT! We're racing! The Global Crossing @ The Glen is underway!
  • Barney Hall (MRN Radio): The field is about to come outta Turn #11 and spill into the frontstraightaway. The safety truck will dive into pit road and we'll be underway in the Global Crossing @ The Glen. Here they come down to the line, looking for the green flag. On that front row is Ed Monobrow and Libby Folfax. Green flag is in the air, and we're underway, and on the break as they power down to Turn #1, Ed Monobrow tries to pull away and get clear sailing and get single file into the corner, he's not gonna be able to do it.
  • Dave Moody (MRN Radio): Ed Monobrow breaks down to the inside lane! He'll take the break midway into the corner! Eddy McRich follows him through! He'll take the 2nd spot! He's under challenge now from Denzel Crocker! As they head for the "esses", climbing uphill, it's Ed Monobrow by 3 car-lengths! McRich rides in 2nd! Crocker who's 3rd, and they're 3 back to Libby Folfax, and 5th spot belongs to Rudy Tabootie!
  • Mike Massaro (MRN Radio): They sweep off Turn #4 and head down that long straightaway! Rudy Tabootie now steps out of line and takes a peek to the inside, but will quickly slap it back in line! Not the same for Eddward Marion back in the 7th spot! He'll try to move alongside Rudy Tabootie! He can't get it done, he's feeling the pressure from Timmy Turner! Meanwhile, up front through the carousel turn, it's Ed Monobrow with a 2 car-length advantage over Eddy McRich, Denzel Crocker, and Libby Folfax!
  • Winston Kelley (MRN Radio): The Pontiac of Ed Monobrow pulls away by a couple of car-lengths off of Turn #9 over Eddy McRich! Denzel Crocker's back in the 3rd position, Libby Folfax is 4th, and Rudy Tabootie runs in 5th! 6th is Eddward Marion, 7th, the battle and challenge there, Timmy Turner looks to the inside of Marion in Turn #10!
  • Allen Bestwick (MRN Radio): Here they come to Turn #11, the final right-hander leading onto the frontstraightaway to complete Lap #1! So far, everybody's cleanly through and no one off into the gravel-traps! Ed Monobrow collects the 5 bonus points for leading a lap, even though he won back in New Hampshire to clinch playoff berth! The first side-by-side race it looks like, it's gonna be between Eddward Marion and Timmy Turner as Turner ducks to the inside of Marion and tries to take the 6th spot away!
  • Dave Moody (MRN Radio): Timmy Turner pulls even through Turn #1 and he has the inside heading for the "esses"! It's Turner now on the inside, and Eddward Marion on the outside! Right behind them is Sandy Cheeks! Turner will take the spot coming up the hill but they bump hard! Timmy Turner's into the wall, tags the inside guardrail! Heavy damage on the right side of both cars as they continue uphill to the backstraightaway!

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  • (on Lap 90 out of 90 laps)
  • Paul Page (ESPN): The white flag is out! We got 1 lap to go! Misty Ketchum is leading, but Bubble Bass and Cindy Vortex ARE COMING as they head into Turn 1 STILL in lapped-traffic!
  • Benny Parsons (ESPN): Man oh man, this race is startin' to get good, Paul!
  • Dave Moody (MRN Radio): Off Turn #1 for the final time this afternoon, Misty Ketchum tries to to hold off the challenge into the esses, but here comes Bubble Bass! *in unison, Bubble Bass spins Misty Ketchum into the esses* *with sudden realization* HE GETS INTO MISTY!!!! (in unison Misty cries out "WHOA!!!!") Misty spins in the esses, (in unison, Bubble Bass' snobbish laugh is heard) as Bubble Bass and Cindy Vortex get by her! *scene cuts to Bubble Bass' cockpit*
  • (off the esses and into the straightway leading to the inner-loop)
  • Bubble Bass (in 1st): Now I am going to win and prove to you that Bubbles is a whiny little crybaby when her replacement doesn't win! *snobbish laugh* *scene cuts to Cindy's cockpit*
  • Cindy (in 2nd): REPLACEMENT?!!! *growls* You took Misty out of contention to win this race, now I'M winning this one for MY BEST FRIEND!!!! (referring to Bubbles)
  • Bubble Bass (in 1st / voice only): No you won't!
  • Cindy (in 2nd): TEST ME!
  • Bubble Bass (in 1st / voice only): I'll pass alright! *scene cuts to the track*
  • Paul Page (ESPN): Here comes Cindy Vortex making a charge into the inner loop for the final time this afternoon! Vortex JUST WON'T give up! She's charging those corners like a madgirl--!
  • Benny Parsons (ESPN): They're both in the grass, Paul! *audio switches to the MRN Radio broadcast*
  • Winston Kelley (MRN Radio): Bubble Bass still leads Vortex into the carousel for the final time this afternoon! Vortex WON'T GIVE UP! She now slips up the racetrack, now she pulls it back on the inside line near the rumble-strips! Bubble Bass slows a bit off Turn #9, enough for Cindy Vortex to slam the #26 car's rear bumper and pull alongside! Cindy Vortex will get by the #26 KMART Ford of Bubble Bass on the backstraightaway, but it's not over yet! Bubble Bass goes on "sniffing" at the rear bumper of the #42 Bellsouth Chevrolet of Cindy Vortex as they come into Turns 10 and 11 for final time this afternoon! *scene cuts to Bubble Bass' cockpit*
  • (in Turns 10 & 11)
  • Bubble Bass (in 2nd): *bumps into Cindy, sending her up the racetrack in Turn #10, and is now side-by-side with her* Gimme that, Blondie! This race belongs to REXCOR, NOT for Bubbles! *scene cuts to Cindy's cockpit*
  • Cindy (in 1st / side-by-side with Bubble Bass): Lay off my cute friend, Trouble Bass! I'm winning this for her and Team Fastex! *scene cuts to the track*
  • Paul Page (ESPN / with the crowd cheering Vortex on loudly in unison): Bubble Bass now along alongside Vortex, very close as they come into the corner! Bubble Bass tries to the outside, but it's not going to work! *crowd cheers loudly in unison* Cindy Vortex will take the checkered flag and win the Global Crossing @ The Glen!
  • Benny Parsons (ESPN): What a finish, Paul! *scene cuts to Bubbles (wearing a double eye-patch) in the infield care-center*
  • Bubbles (while listening to Cindy's victory on MRN Radio / gleefully): She won! And she won it FOR ME! AND TEAM FASTEX!!! HOORAY!!!! THANK YOU, CINDY!!! *happy and relieved sigh* *scene cuts back to the track*
  • Allen Bestwick (MRN Radio): The Global Crossing At The Glen is finished and race winner, Cindy Vortex will do her victory burnouts and donuts, and then will up to Gatorade Victory Lane! *scene cuts to Cindy's cockpit*
  • Cindy (while doing burnouts and donuts on the frontstretch, holding out the checkered flag from the window-net, with the crowd cheering loudly for her in unison): YEAH!!! This is for you, Bubbles!!!! Feel better soon!!!! *scene cuts to Gatorade Victory Lane*

Quote 25 Edit

  • Bill Weber (ESPN): Even though Bubbles wasn't in today's starting grid, Team Fastex still wouldn't give up in today's race. Cindy Vortex just proved that today after that epic battle with Bubble Bass. *in unison, Cindy climbs out of her #42 Bellsouth Chevrolet and begins celebrating her victory* And now Cindy climbs out of the car and celebrates her 1st career victory and clinch of playoff berth! (foreshadowing the "2000 Krusty Burger 400 Fantasy Edition" wiki)
  • Cindy (while celebrating with her #42 Bellsouth Chevrolet team): (while holding the checkered flag in the air) WHOOOO!!!! YEAH!!!! *climbs on the roof of her #42 Bellsouth Chevrolet* *pumps both fists in the air* YEAH! *sprays Purple Flurp on her team* WHOOOO!!!! *drinks her Purple Flurp bottle and pours it on her head* *as she jumps off the roof of her #42 Bellsouth Chevrolet* YEAH! WHOO!
  • Bill Weber (ESPN): So Cindy Vortex, how does it feel to win your very first NASCAR Winston Cup Series event and clinch playoff berth in time for September? (foreshadowing the "2000 Krusty Burger 400 Fantasy Edition" wiki)
  • Cindy Vortex (being interviewed by ESPN's Bill Weber): Well, *pants* in Victory* I'd love to thank everyone at Team Fastex, Purple Flurp, Bellsouth, every Team Fastex fan out there, and especially my best friend Bubbles who couldn't be in the #43 STP Pontiac today. The car was good all day, we had great pitstops, and especailly a vigorous battle between me and Bubble Bass.
  • Bill Weber (ESPN): Now about Bubbles, how did it really feel not to have Bubbles in today's race.
  • Cindy (being interviewed by ESPN's Bill Weber): Well, Weber. There was no way I was gonna let some smart-alecky bass with a bubble butt win while he makes poor Bubbles wallow in misery. You mess with the tiger, you get the eye AND claws! I did it for her the way a mother tiger protects her cubs. I could not let this race be a letdown for poor Bubbles. Hearing of her hospitalized condition ruined my weekend severely and that Trouble Bass was in for a spin of his own if he thought he could brag about winning with Bubbles out of the way and get away with it.
  • Bill Weber (ESPN): So concern, love, and worry about Bubbles really did affect your race weekend, didn't it?
  • Cindy (being interviewed by ESPN's Bill Weber): Yes it did, Bill.
  • Bill Weber (ESPN): Cindy Vortex, really heartfelt and touched by her victory this afternoon. Back to you, Paul. *scene cuts to Bubbles (wearing a double eye-patch) in the infield care center*
  • Cindy (calmly but worried): *comes in* Hi, Bubbles. So ummm... how are you feeling so far?
  • Bubbles (wearing a double eye-patch / gloomily): Cindy, next to Timmy, no one has ever gone out of their way for me like that. Even though I couldn't even see the race on T.V BECAUSE of my 11:00 am surgery this morning I had before the race (which began around 2:00 pm).
  • Cindy: Don't worry, Bubbles. Everything will be alright. But look on the bright side, the staff here let you listen to the race on MRN Radio in your room, and that we won the race, I took the checkered flag for you.
  • Bubbles (wearing a double eye-patch / cheering up a little): And that battle I heard between you and that meanie, Bubble Bass was very interesting.
  • Cindy: Yeah, I burst HIS 'bubble" and left him cussing and raving all because he didn't win.
  • Bubbles (wearing a double eye-patch): Oh, dear! I guess Bubble Bass needs bubble soap for his mouth! *giggles*
  • Cindy: You said it, Bubbles. And plus, you're not only a great teammate, *short pause* you're my best female friend other than Libby who races in the NASCAR Busch Series. (in her head) Luckily, Libby left already and ain't here to hear this.
  • Bubbles (feeling touched): Oh, thank you, thank you, Cindy! You ARE a true friend!!!
  • Cindy: *tears up and hugs Bubbles in her hospital bed*
  • Bubbles (while being hugged by Cindy / feeling touched): For this, Cindy, I'll have to do you as big a favor someday....
  • Cindy (while hugging Bubbles / with tears in her eyes): That day will come, Bubbles. I know it. *episode ends*

Trivia Edit

  • Since this is the 2000 season, the commentators on TV (ESPN) will be Paul Page & Benny Parsons (1941-2007).
  • The MRN Radio commentators for this wiki-special race will be. Allen Bestwick and Barney Hall (in the booth), Dave Moody (Turn #1 & the "esses"), Mike Massaro (first straightaway, the inner-loop, & Turn #9), and Winston Kelley (backstraightaway, Turn #10)
  • The pit reporters (radio) will be Jason Toy, Adam Alexander, Alex Hayden, Steve "The Postman" Post, Jim Phillips, and Jeff Streigle.
  • This is Paul Page's ONLY appearance in the series since Bob Jenkins was absent for this wiki-race.
  • This is the ONLY race in the "NASCAR 2000 Fantasy Edition" wiki-race series that Bob Jenkins is absent.
  • This is the last road-course race of the 3 road-course races on the schedule.

Watkins Glen International Edit

<hero description="This wiki-special contains chracters from various shows racing in the 2000 NASCAR Winston Cup Series." imagename="" cropposition=""></hero>

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